Birds in Jacone

Birds in Jacone

These are the birds I have seen in Jacone from time to time…. (apologies to anyone whose picture I have used without attribution, they all seemed to be available for use?)

In the Garden


bem te vi Bem te vi               sparrow    House Sparrow

Bem te vi” bird (means “ I see you well” and is what it sings) proper name =  grande-kiskadi

 House Sparrow – not very common – but around sometimes in threes and fours

Recent visitor: Woodpecker – Campos Flicker

Just a very quick visit to our lawn in Jacone – delightfully marked. What you cannot see from this picture is the bright orange/yellow on its rump as it flies off (same colour as its neck. (Creative Commons pic – Charles J Sharp – Own work, from Sharp Photography, sharpphotography)

House Martin – Jacone (and Niteroi) nested in the extractor fan in Jacone. Quite a lot flying around in July, seem to be nesting. January is when the young have flown the nest, so perhaps two generations in a year?

house martin

House Martin      

   Blue titblue tit

Blue tits have nested in the roof over the gateway in Jacone

Humming birds (perhaps not this variety – they have generally been bit duller than                                                                   humming bird 1humming bird 2

….these or other images I have seen – quite brown)  both in Jacone and Niteroi gardens although one visitor to Jacone had some fine bright green feathers around his head and chest. One of the humming birds in Niteroi was VERY tiny, hardly bigger than a butterfly.

One of the most unusual birds I have seen in Jacone garden was a very bright red bird like the one in the picture below. Trouble is I have not identified the Brazilian bird but the picture is of a Red Fody which is a native of Madagascar (the place, not the film) so it is almost certainly not one of those but it was more like this than any other picture I have seen of red birds!? The bird I saw may be a Tanager of some kind, but again I am not sure that is a Brazilian bird? Wish I had had my camera ready – it had gone before I could

red tanager



? Red Tanager                                                   Canary

An equally colourful bird I have seen flying over the garden is a canary (proper name = Saffron Finch (Sicalis flaveola) which is also a tanager) which seems to be reasonably common in the wild here even though the numbers have declined a lot, having been popular with bird fanciers in Brazil (they walk around with a caged bird and occasionally assemble in small bars, presumably to compare birds or bird-songs? Quite often see one or more cycling round Jacone)


Less showy but quite friendly is the ground dove (Rolinha-roxa) which behaves like any dove or wood pigeon as it walks round  but is much smaller – about the size of a blackbird (seen more often in Niteroi on the road in front of the house than in Jacone)


rolinha ground dove 

Ground Dove (Rolinha-Roxa)



We also have a tiny woodpecker – about the size of a sparrow it still attacks the cashew tree with verve and I am sure it must get a headache because the wood is quite hard and it is so small! Picture below by  Elenilson Verissima

white-wedged piculet                      viuvinha

White-wedged piculet                                                                            Viuvinha

One of the commonest birds to visit the garden is a Viuvinha (Widow bird) which acts a bit like an English wagtail….since it frequently wags its tail!

If you take a walk to the lake down along the canal you may see an occasional heron – same as the herons in England – but they speak Portuguese of course!  There are lots of fish in the lake and they leap out the water a lot as you watch – the fish that is, not the herons. I have also seen a flash of a black and white kingfisher – not sure if it was a pied kingfisher but couldn’t resist this great picture of a Pied Kingfisher form the national Geographic magazine.


  heron                               pied kingfisher


Heron                                                                                               Pied Kingfisher …

“Pied kingfisher in front of the waves… These amazing black-and-white kingfishers are distributed from South Africa to the other side of Asia. (Burkhard Schlosser)” National Geographic

From the terrace in Jacone,  you can see Frigate birds drifting in the wind and they are a frequent sight when you walk on the beach….

 magnificent frigate bird                 burrowing owl

Magnificent Frigate Bird                                             Burrowing Owl

At or near the beach

Frigate Birds – frequently around the beaches

Burrowing Owl     Saw three at the edge of the beach –  fairly sure this is the right owl – white “eyebrows” distinctive and they were small birds – book says 23cm.

little egret








Little Egret – small white heron often pottering in the waves at the edge of the sand. There are also a lot of small white Cattle egrets in the fields around here.


Shag (or could have been Cormorant   ) perched on branch over stream not far from the beach


Around town

Bee-eater –  Seen resting on wires on Rua 13 Jacone-  not sure the one I saw was this exact one but almost certainly a member of the bee-eater family – very colourful This one is the “cinnamon chested bee eater”





7 Responses to Birds in Jacone

  1. Burkhard Schlosser says:

    Hi. I’m glad you like my image of the Pied Kingfisher you got from National Geographic. All my images are Copyright and use there of without permission or acknowledgement is a CRIME!

    • Hi Burkhard Schlosser,
      Thank you for your note and please accept my apologies.

      I did try where possible to discover who held the copyright to the pictures I used. It appears I may not have been sufficiently thorough in my attempts so to do.

      I am, naturally, anxious to make amends and ask belatedly for such permission and happy to provide appropriate acknowledgement or, indeed, to remove said picture from the page if you feel I should do so.

      Please also bear in mind my collection of pictures is really only intended for the small number of people – friends and family chiefly – who visit our home in Brazil. When I started to put the pages together we were contemplating a commercial venture but, frankly it all seemed more hassle than it was worth. I have now been retired for ten years and my wife is still working as a school teacher so we have never proceeded on a commercial scale.
      I look forward to hearing further from you soon.
      Kind regards
      Keith Melton

      • PS I did acknowledge possible omissions…see above

        “These are the birds I have seen in Jacone from time to time…. (apologies to anyone whose picture I have used without attribution, they all seemed to be available for use?)”

  2. Burkhard Schlosser says:

    they all seemed to be available for use? Certainly NOT!

  3. Burkhard Schlosser says:

    Good Day,
    as a matter of interest, you said you got the image from National Geographic and you tried to find the names of the Authors of the images you posted on Rio Properties? My name was mentioned in a caption under the image. If the post is not for Commercial reasons how come it is included under “Rio Properties”, and not under you personal blog?

    “Pied kingfisher in front of the waves… These amazing black-and-white kingfishers are distributed from South Africa to the other side of Asia. (Burkhard Schlosser)”

    as copied from National Geographic web site.

    You can then at least give me credit for my image used in some form or another.

    • Happy to do that – sorting it now. Although the Rioproperties appears to be a commercial site we have done nothing to promote it – I simply parked it there after preparation where it has essentially lain dormant. – Kind Regards, thank you for your patience.

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