With the Football World Cup coming up in 2014 and the Rio Olympics in 2016 we thought you might like to see a couple of properties which you could use as your base for the duration of these great sporting events.

The Niteroi House is just across the Guanabara Bay from the great city of Rio de Janeiro and can take up to 14 people in comfortable modern accommodation, with air-conditioning in the bedrooms, swimming pool, terace and BBQ area – see the Niteroi Property Page for details.

The Jacone House is a little further away from Rio in the Lake District of Rio de Janeiro State – even so it is still only about two hours from the Rio International aiport, and will take up to 17 people in comfortable accommodation, with air-conditioning in some of the bedrooms. It is a large property with swimming pool, terrace with great views, garden and shaded parking for up to three cars and a BBQ area for those pre-or post match celebrations.

The properties are owned by an English/Brazilian couple – Keith is a retired English Academic and Fatima is a Brazilian Portuguese teacher – so between us we can cover all sorts of tourist and transport question with ease for your visit.

This website has been designed to be as helpful as possible but if you need more information please feel free to contact us directly at keith.melton10@gmail.com – some prices are shown but for longer stays we will need to talk directly. We are committed to providing attractive accommodation at reasonable price. Family groups are preferred where possible.

There is a page showing birds we have seen n the gardens and round about and another page describing some of the nearby tourist attractions, since you will not be watching football ALL the time. But when you DO want to watch we have excellent TV coverage of all the matches available at both properties on large screen TVs

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